A: Welcome

Over the weekend, each of the following activities will go live with either playable session videos, or access to live sessions, as applicable. These will only be available to those who have registered to participate. You can see the complete Schedule here


Activity A1: Welcome/Teacher Introductions

Please join us for the start of our weekend. We will be chatting briefly to our teachers. Shani/Jacob and Anni/Gasper will perform live demo dances for us, plus Kelly and Mickey have recorded a special demo dance for the occasion. Olga and Andreas will not be in the same location but have provided a recording they prepared for the Rhythm Relief fundraising event earlier this year. We look forward to seeing you there.

Activity A2: Jacob and Shani Welcome Dance

Welcome dance performed live for us by Shani and Jacob at our Welcome zoom. A beautiful dance and a taster of the wonderful things in store for us over the weekend.

Activity A3: Anni and Gasper Welcome Dance

A wonderful dance performed live for us by Anni and Gasper at our Welcome zoom, inspired by Django Reinhardt's "Nuages"

Activity A4: Mickey and Kelly Welcome Dance

Kelly and Mickey kindly pre-recorded this awesome dance for us to share at our Welcome zoom. Enjoy...

Activity A5: Andreas and Olga Welcome Dance

Andreas and Olga's dance was recorded for the Rhythm Relief event in March, which was a fundraiser for dance teachers and musicians. You may have seen this before, but it is well worth watching again… very meaningful and touching at this difficult time...