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Private Lessons

Shani, Mickey, Kelly, Andreas and Olga are all available for online private lessons, video reviews, and/or for more information about any of their classes. Please send a Private Message via Facebook or contact them via their websites where available. 

Shani Brown's Slow Swing Playlist

Here is the Slow Swing playlist Shani mentioned in Saturday's Live class:

Shani Interview 1982 Dance Party Link

Link to the video mentioned in Shani's interview to Bobby McGee's Dance Party in 1982. Co-presented by Dean Colins!

Dancers: Dean & Mary Collins, Hal & Marge Takier, Willie Desatoff & Marie Fidel, John & Anne Mills, Freda Angela Wyckoff & Bobby Hefner, Ed & Inez Thompson

Link will take you 3min 21sec into the video to the Balboa section but be sure to check out the rest of the video.

Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault

Visit our website, M&K  Bal Swing Pro and check out our ever growing number of online balboa programs, including two Slow Balboa And Laminu courses! -
You can find even more content by joining us on Patreon for even more exclusive content and access to hundreds of lessons, class recaps, choreographies and demos! -  

Andreas Olsson 

Check out Andreas online classes at Bal-Academy Or contact him through

Olga Marina

Olga is running an online school for those who want to practice balboa SOLO (both leaders and followers) at with 18 hrs of material currently, more additions in the future. Certain subscriptions include free video critique, personalised practice plans and privates. 

Andreas and Olga's Class Videos and Playlists

The Laminu video with Ray Cunningham and Darleene Lind mentioned in Andrea and Olga's impover class can be found at

Slow Bal playlist with only contemporary bands 70-120 BPM
Slow Balboa 100 BPM and below
Slow Balboa 100 BPM and above

Gasper Hrovat Playlist

Gasper has kindly provided a great playlist of tunes suitable for Slow Balboa:


More Balboa Events

Martyn, Sue, Tony and Anna also run the following residential dance weekends

Bal Spring Break 2021

Residential Balboa Weekend
in a fabulous sea-front hotel

Top International Teachers

Bournemouth (90 mins Heathrow)

Friday 5th to Sunday 7th March 2021 

Jennifer Lee & Andreas Olsson (USA/Sweden) 

£270 for all classes, 3 parties, and including
2 nights dinner, B&B (Fri/Sat)

Click here for more details about Bal Spring Break

All Slow Bal Weekend 2021

a whole weekend of Slow Bal

Residential Balboa Weekend
at Livermead Cliff, Torquay

Fri 21st to Sun 23rd May 2021

Mickey Fortanasce (USA)
Anna-Maria Bernhard (Germany) 

£270 for all classes, dances and including 
2 nights dinner, B&B (Fri/Sat)

Click here for more details about Slow Bal 2021

BalBreak 2021

Friday 10th to Sunday 13th September 2021

Marty Lau and Sylvia Sykes (USA)
Jacob Wigger and Shani Brown (USA

£TBA per person includes 2 nights half board accommodation in Torquay

Click here for more details about BalBreak 2021